Vision and Mission


To optimize the interest of Nigerian women  and young girls in studying mathematics; developing research capability of Nigerian Women in Mathematics; helping Nigerian Women in Mathematics effective teachers and lecturers of Mathematics.


To achieve its objectives, NWM

  1. may organize meetings, workshops, conferences, courses and seminars, arrange negotiations, disseminate a newsletter and other material related to its aims emphasizing the involvement of women.
  2. operate as a publisher, prepare proposals and motions, make statements, award grants and prizes, and represent its membership.
  3. may, according to the situation, act directly or co-operate with individuals or bodies having similar aims, and set up subordinate bodies for special tasks.
  4. will enhance opportunities and participation of NWM members in local and international conferences, workshops, short courses and Postdoctoral fellowships.
  5. will take initiatives for young girls to continue with their studies in mathematics.
  6. will PROMOTE outreach mathematical programmes or sessions to promote mathematics in schools.

We look forward to moral and financial support from individuals and organizations for the achievements of our vision.