The Association consists of Ordinary members, Honorary members and Supporting members.

Ordinary membership is open to:

Any woman working in or for Nigeria and who supports the purpose of the Association, in particular.
Practicing women researchers, teachers and learners of mathematics in Educational institutions.
Women who are interested in or concerned with the researching, teaching, learning of mathematics, or with its application in Government, Commerce or Industry.
Organizations concerned with the mathematics and their applications.

Honorary Membership:

The Association at a General meeting may resolve by ordinary resolution that the Council may admit to honorary membership of the Association any person (individual or organization) who has rendered a singular service to the Association or to any of the aims which the Association is formed to
Members are approved and dismissed by the General meeting.
The Association can have women or men as supporting members.
An honorary member shall have all the privileges of an ordinary member but shall not be liable to pay any subscription to the Association.

Supporting members

The Association can have women or men as supporting members.
Supporting members pay dues and receive relevant information but do not have the right to vote.

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NMW members are expected to pay their fees every year.